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20/20 Equine Leather Magic



Specifically created for all leather

Leather Magic removes grease and dirt whilst feeding and restoring the leather with a combination of organic oils known for their restorative qualities.

Leaving a high shine finish, this product comes packaged with a sponge for quick and easy application at any time, making it ideal for the tack room and on the road.

Excell Hackamore Saddlery highly recommends this product and use it daily on our own tack. It leaves tack clean, soft and smelling fresh. Since we found Lather Magic we have not used anything else.

We use it on our everyday tack, best showing tack including the side saddle and soggy hunting tack, and it always restores it to a rich, deep supple leather

Made in the UK from 100% organic and natural ingredients it ticks every box!!