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20 20 Equine Shampoo



Developed using 100% organic ingredients, this unique shampoo combines a blend of pink grapefruit and aloe vera and is specially developed to meet every horses needs, whatever their colour.

Naturally cleansing, pink grapefruit is well known for its excellent degreasing properties, which ensure coats are left glossy and shiny, whilst aloe vera, well regarded for its soothing properties, is an excellent moisturiser and a topical anti-inflammatory.

This highly efficacious shampoo has been carefully developed to meet all your needs – whilst remaining cost effective, so you will never need a shampoo for every colour ever again!

This is our chosen shampoo on our own yard and with 2 white horses and a coloured cob, I can assure you that it gets them brilliantly clean.

It smells refreshing and leaves the coats soft and  thoroughly clean. Our dun pony turns golden and the black parts of the cobs coat are dark and shine

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